Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission is to make Interventional Radiology known and accessible in Mauritius healthcare so as to provide minimally invasive and up-to-date interventions hence contributing to better health outcomes while minimizing risks.

We value innovation, humanity, and accessibility

We are thankful for the breakthroughs and ongoing innovation in healthcare, with technology allowing us today to perform simple to complex procedures which are less traumatic to the patient! How amazing it is to be part of a new era of medicine where we can deliver treatment to the body without making any major incisions.

We value the importance of multi-disciplinary collaboration and recognise the vital role of each and every one in delivering high quality patient care.

Our Expertise

Dedication, dexterity, knowledge and perseverance

With over 10 years’ experience in the IR field in Mauritius, our Specialist Doctor is genuinely dedicated to his patients and has developed a solid network with other medical professionals, locally and internationally to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to relevant patient management as well as further to develop the presence of IR in local health services.

Dr Ashley CHINEAH has always been passionate about medicine and technology, and it is a privilege today to be able to treat patients with cutting edge technology. He understands the integral role Interventional Radiology plays in today’s healthcare and firmly believes IR can be lifesaving and life-altering for the different conditions and situations of many patients.

Where to Find Us

Our consultations and interventions are held in the main private clinics of the island, which are fully equipped, ready for life-saving procedures as well as important non-emergency treatments.